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Book Review: Logo Design Love

March 30, 2010

Book Review: Logo Design Love

If you are into branding and logos then you probably know David Airey. His knowledge in the graphic design field has generated two well known and popular blogs. In the book Logo Design Love, David covers brand indentity and logo design in an exciting and comprehensive way.

The Book

The book is divided into 3 main groups: Brand Identity, Process of Design and Tips, Advices and Resources. The text is easy to read and is beautifully illustrated. Throughout the pages we see examples and showcases of logos designed by the author and other designers. All aligned and related to the content.

The highlights

If you are familiar with the work of David Airey and his style of writing you will feel at home reading this book. Differently from other authors, who usually just say what you should be doing, David goes through the book content by sharing his own experiences, the good and the bad ones and everything in between. Personally, this is the highlight of the book.


On the other side, if you have read most of David’s posts and texts, you might find that some of the content is being repeated. Which is understandable - the book is aimed to a beginning / intermediate audience and there are some parts that you just cannot leave behind.


I definitely recommend Logo Design Love, no matter what level you consider yourself being. Knowing the creative process of another designer is always a good thing as it makes you think about your own.

You can get a free chapter by accessing the website: http://www.logodesignlovebook.com/

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