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event.target vs event.currentTarget - What is the difference?

January 29, 2023

event tagname example

This is a common question that I ask myself sometimes, the easiest way I find to explain is as follows: event.currentTarget is the element where the event listener was attached, for example:

<button id="my_element">Click me</button>

// JavaScript
document.getElementById("my_element").addEventListener("click", ...);

In this case, my_element is going to be the event.currentTarget.

On the other hand, event.target is any element (or any of its children) that triggered the event, for example:

<p> This <b>is</b> a <span>paragraph</span>.</p>

// JavaScript
document.querySelector("p").addEventListener("click", ...);

In this case, clicking on any element will trigger the event listener, but event.target will be the specific element that was clicked, in this case, p, b or span.

The code below makes this explanation a bit more clear:

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