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Baseliner 6.0 is out!

April 18, 2020

Baseliner logo

Baseliner, my very own Chrome Extension has finally been published.

An extension for designers and developers who care about grid alignment

Born in 2015, Baseliner is a Chrome (and Firefox) extension used by more than 6.000 users worldwide.

The extension overlays a grid on top of any page, helping UX Designers & Developers build interfaces with pixel perfect metrics.

Version 6.0

Baseliner logo

The newly deployed version 6.0 was completely built from scratch, based on the feedback I’ve received over the years.

Baseliner now enables both horizontal and vertical grid, by far the most requested feature.

The extension is also faster and more performant thanks to the use of more modern tooling like React.js.

Download Baseliner 6.0 on Chrome Web Store

Download Baseliner 6.0 for Firefox

Feedback, bugs, suggestions, support

The project is on GitHub and we welcome any suggestions that will help us improve this tool. Found any bug? Feel free to file an issue. Like the extension? You can buy us a coffee and help maintain this project.

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