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  • 2016 Apr

    Web Education

    It’s Sunday morning. I’ve just read some articles on CSS and for some reason started browsing Stack Overflow on that subject, specifically on the unanswered questions page. Clicked a few links, answered a couple questions. Got some nice feedback. Is this a learning platform? Continue reading

  • 2016 Mar

    Web Ethics

    Once again Start Your Shift brought me another puzzling topic to write about: Web Ethics. My take on it is about privacy.
    Continue reading

  • 2016 Feb

    Compromise – Balancing Project Needs with Internal Ideals

    Every new project is a new opportunity. It’s when you use your past experience and have the chance to build something better than you did some weeks ago. It’s also the time to use what you learned recently, that new approach that can optimise your solution. Or even that framework that everybody is talking about. Or, is it? Continue reading

  • 2016 Jan

    How to Make the Web Better

    My experience started with a friend sharing his dial up connection and teaching me how to browse the web. Soon, I had access of my own and could explore and discover the web by myself. Continue reading