Some examples of what I did and what I do:

  • 2012
    Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSON

    Isabelle Ribeiro

    Portraits, gourmet, bands, dolls... Isabelle Ribeiro has it all. A very talented photographer from São Paulo deserved a cool portfolio. With so many great photos like those, I had to go with a minimalistic design. Also opted for a dark colour scheme to enhance photo visualization.

  • 2012
    HTML/CSS, jQuery

    HT Meagher O’Reilly

    A well respected real estate agency for the Greater Dublin area, HT Meagher O’Reilly hired a design team to work on their website that was powered by 4pm's backend, with me working on the front-end.

  • 2011
    Web Design, HTML/CSS, jQuery


    OnView is Ireland's newest real estate portal. I worked on this project with my friends at 4pm and we built an amazing site with lots of features and a kick-ass admin (members only).

  • 2011
    Web Design, HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery


    4pmDesign is a template design gallery where people can customize and buy designs from different categories: business cards, flyers, signs and much more. The portal also enables designers to include their work and earn money. This project is in constant development and updates so make sure to check it out.

  • 2011
    Web Design, HTML, CSS, Wordpress

    4pm Blog

    Redesigned 4pm's blog in early 2011, they needed a fresh look and some updates on their Wordpress installation. Also included Facebook and Twitter.

  • 2010
    Web Design, PHP

    Rafael Dalcin

    As a candidate for city councilman, Rafael Dalcin requested a website that enabled him to have control on the updates. A blog style was the obvious solution but due to numerous extra features we decided to build a custom CMS. It's a clean blog page focused on his news.

  • 2009
    Web Design, HTML, CSS, Asp.Net

    Hooke & MacDonald

    Hooke & MacDonald is one of the major real estate agencies in Ireland, specially in the new homes market. They requested to come up with a new website that is modern in looks and features, reflecting the same high quality standards they have been keeping since 1967.

  • 2009
    Web Design

    Coldwell Banker Ireland

    Coldwell Banker is one of the biggest real estate companies in the world. Their national branch in Ireland asked 4pm to come up with a portal and I was responsible for the design of this website.