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Vertically Centering Images with HTML & CSS

Here is a quick trick whenever you need to vertically centre an image (or paragraph, or any other element) inside its parent container: treat them like tables. That’s right.

By setting the parent element’s display type to table and the child element to table-cell we can vertically align its content. Have a look at the code below:


  <p>Centred element</p>


  div {display: table; height: 100px}
  p {display: table-cell; vertical-align: middle;}

Depending on your site structure, that parent tag could be non-semantic but it’s a price to pay!
Also, you got to set a fixed height to this parent element.

There are other solutions using jQuery at page loading but to me it seems too much “power” for such a simple result.

Got any other solution? Let me know!