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Please Start From The Beginning…

Please Start From The Beginning...

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing some transcription work for the podcast called “Please start from the beginning…“, a video series exploring the career paths and experiences of web industry professionals.

The Podcast

PSFTB (as I’ll call it from here) is a project run by Ryan “Havoc” Taylor, a British designer and developer that works at Headscape and also freelances at Havoc Inspired. The weekly podcast interviews amazing people from the web design industry from all over the world.

Transcribing, Learning, Enjoying

The interview I transcribed was with the lovely Naomi Atkinson. She talked about her career, clients, being a freelancer and expectations for the future of the web industry.

It was a fun experiment and a good experience to me to transcribe an interview in English, as I’m not a native speaker of the language. I had a great time doing it and hopefully, if my schedule allows it, I’ll do it again.

Check out this and other great interviews at Please start from the beginning….